the essence


The world’s first shirt available by invitation only.

Made in Switzerland from a rare wild-grown, hand-picked Egyptian cotton.

Superior quality for superior expectations.



Fashion is seasonal. Luxury is timeless.

Fashion fades. Luxury is here to stay.

Fashion is hype. Luxury has intrinsic value.

It’s time for a higher standard.

It’s time for obsessivecompulsive.

Made of a unique cotton that feels like silk.

Entirely additive-free.

Strictly for ladies and gentlemen of distinct taste.

Pure unrestrained luxury, sustainably sourced, ethically produced.

Wearable detox.

Highly specialised artisanal craftsmanship.

The precision of watchmaking applied to clothing.

A bold name and a unique style.

A supremely self-confident statement of a shirt.

Available now by invitation, only in Geneva, Switzerland.



obsessivecompulsive, obsessifcompulsif and wearable detox are registered trademarks.